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Learm More About The Dribblestop Penis Clamps

Without a doubt, urinary incontinence is a condition that can change your life and when you have trouble controlling your bladder, you’ve got devices like the Dribblestop penis clamp to rely on.  The main problem with urinary incontinence is that you don’t have control to void and it’s likely that urine just leaks out as soon as the kidneys produce it and goes to the bladder.  Yes, there are other ways of coping with this condition but then they wouldn’t be as discreet and as effective as the penile clamp.


Dribblestop Penis Clamp vs Other Devices

Besides Dribblestop, you’ve got a lot of other options for dealing with urinary incontinence.

  1. Urethra insert – for this device, you can look at it as a plug that’s inserted into the urethra.  When you need to void, you have to take the plug off.
  2. Artificial urinary sphincter – this device is small and donut-shaped.  It’s inserted under the skin of your penis to keep urine from flowing freely from the urethra.  It’s inflated to keep urine in and if you need to void, you deflate it.
  3. Adult diapers – you can wear adult diapers so that even if you leak urine uncontrollably, you wouldn’t actually be soiling yourself – but this means that you’d be passing out cold sweats every time someone stared down at your bulging pants.

In contrast to penile clamps like Dribblestop, these other devices are either too difficult to manage or requires implantation.  Like with the artificial urinary sphincter this would have to be implanted under the skin of the penis.  As for adult diapers, you can't go out and do what you like with a bulky diaper in your pants.  Even if it’s not really obvious that you’re wearing one (as some advertisement say), it can be uncomfortable and it’s likely that you’d rather stay indoors wearing the diaper.


The Benefits of Wearing the Penis Clamp

The Dribblestop penis clamp has a lot of qualities going for it.  First of all, it’s comfortable.  You have an external clamp that works to put pressure on the top of the penis and also the urethra on the underside of the penis.  Made of lightweight plastic and soft foam, the pressure is quite gentle.

Dribblestop penis clamp also comes in three adjustable sizes, 3/4, 5/8, 7/8 inch.  This provides you with options for the right sized clamp for your penis.  It would never be too tight or too loose because you’ve got a choice that would fit your penis best.

Because this incontinence clamp has foam on the upper and under side of the penis, the pressure wouldn’t be too strong on your penis to hinder blood circulation.  Also, there is little pressure on the sides of the penis.  It's also a safe option to regain control over your bladder.

This penis clamp is also easy to clean.  Made of plastic with closed-cell medically approved foam, you can easily clean this clamp with warm water and soap.

dribblestop penile clamp
penile clamps penis clamp

How Dribblestop Penis Clamp Helps in Urinary Incontinence

Dribblestop penis clamp is worn around your penis.  Again, with the pressure it gives off, no urine leaks out from your urethra.  Regardless how weak the muscles are in your urethra or how strong the pressure on your bladder receives like during a hearty laugh, you can keep urine in.  When it’s time to void, you just unclamp and out your urine goes.


With regular use, you’ll be able to regain control over your bladder. Instead of dribbling urine every second and not collecting any urine in your bladder, you can keep urine in until it’s time to void.  With the regular pressure on your urethra, you also strengthen it and you’ll notice that you have more control over your urine as time passes by using the Dribblestop.

Your life can change drastically when you develop urinary incontinence.  It wouldn’t matter what type of incontinence it is, the Dribblestop incontinence clamps stop urine from flowing until you’re ready.

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