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One of the qualities that put humans apart from any species on earth is their ability to think and create things to make their lives easier. And one of the things that people have developed is the penis clamp.  Today, there are two specific uses of the penis clamp but it was originally meant for a single purpose – enlargement of the penis.  

The Two Main Uses of the Penis Clamp Today

  • Initially, the clamp was a device used by men to get the size they want for their penis.
  • As time passed, another use for the clamp was found and it’s now used to help people who suffer from urinary incontinence.

The Development of the Incontinence Clamp

Going on the same premise where pressure builds up in the penis, the incontinence penis clamp was invented.  However, it’s not blood that would be restricted from flowing but the urine.  When you wear the clamp, you have the ability to keep urine from leaking.  It doesn’t matter if your kidneys have only produced a small amount of urine or filled the capacity of the urinary bladder. The only time the urine will flow out is when you release the penis clamp.

How the Incontinence Clamp Works

  • In order to see how the incontinence clamp works, you have to know what happens in the process of urination.  To start with, urine is made in the kidneys and it’s collected in the urinary bladder.  When it’s time for the urine to be released, the bladder contracts and the urine is pushed through a tube like organ known as the urethra.  Upon release of the urine, the bladder relaxes and the urethra closes.  If there’s something wrong with your bladder or with your urethra, urine leaks out without you having control. However, wearing a penis clamp can keep the urethra closed at all times so there’s no means for the urine to spill out.
  • When you need to relieve yourself, unclamp your penis and urine flows out.
  • With regular use, you’ll also be training your body, more specifically your bladder and your urethra for releasing urine at the right time.

The Anatomy of the Incontinence Clamp

Depending on the clamp that you purchase, you’ll have different designs to work with.  Most come with a soft padding for extra comfort and it also comes in a variety of sizes. If you have sensitive skin, you must find one that uses hypoallergenic materials to ensure that you don’t develop irritation in and around the area of your penis.

Regardless of why you’re using the clamp, for an enlarged penis or to help you with urinary incontinence, you have to make sure that you avoid putting too much pressure on your penis and this would only come in well-designed penile clamps.  The bottom line with penis clamps are you keep urine in and blood flowing to the penis.

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The Development of the Penis Clamp

In the hopes of increasing a man’s sexual desires, few experts have found that there’s a great deal of pleasure that can be had with an enlarged penis.  Sadly, not everyone was well-endowed but they were willing to try anything to get a larger penis.  With benefits like being better in the bedroom department and having the ability to increase attraction in a relationship thus having a higher self esteem, the clamp was one of the methods to achieve an enlarged penis.

How the Clamp Works for Penis Enlargement

  • Wearing the clamp limits blood flow to the penis.  With the blood staying in the penis, pressure builds up.
  • The pressure that builds up in your penis while wearing the clamp enlarges the tissues around it.  Simply stated, it stretches the limits beyond normal erection size.  You expand your penis tissues with the help of the clamp and with repeated use, enlargement can be achieved.
  • In the end, you get results where your penis is larger than you’ve ever thought it could be.

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