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Kegels Exercises For Men

Exercise, when done regularly, can be very beneficial to a person and just like you.  With this form of exercise, you’re strengthening your pubococcygeus muscle.


The Pubococcygeus Muscle and Its Functions

What is this muscle you might ask?  This muscle stretches from the tail bone to the pubic bone.  It takes on the shape of a hammock and it’s a muscle that actually supports the organs of the pelvis.  Another function of pubococcygeus muscle is it maintains the proper function of the sphincter muscles.



It’s been said every muscle of the body needs to be exercised.  For your heart, you’ve got cardio exercises to strengthen it.  For your triceps, you can do weight lifting exercises to develop it.  For your brain, you read and make use of various brain challenges to make sure that you keep it in tiptop condition.  For the pubococcyeus muscle, you do kegels for men.  Aside from keeping this muscle strong, you also benefit from steering clear away from abnormal pelvic conditions like urinary incontinence.


How to Do Kegels

it’s pretty easy for you to determine where most of your muscles are, it’s quite a challenge to determine where the pubococcygeus muscle is.  The fact that it’s inside your body; there isn’t any way of pointing it out?  Actually there is.

  1. You can look at charts of the pelvis to see just where these muscles are.
  2. Another method to know the location is when you’re feeling the need to void.  While you’re peeing, stop it from flowing in midstream.  The place where you feel the contraction or the strain, that’s the muscle that you’re going to exercise.  To make sure that you’ve got the right muscles, you would need to stop and continue your stream a few times.
  3. You can also go with a third method of isolating your pubococcygeus muscle and this can be done by inserting your finger inside your anus.  Act as if you’re keeping yourself from voiding and your anus will tighten. 
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Doing Kegels for Men

Start doing kegels by practicing how to relax and contract your pelvic muscle.  If you find it a bit of a challenge to contract that muscle for the first time, you can do it lying down.  Once you get the hang of it, you can move on to doing the contractions standing up or sitting down.  The beauty of this exercise is you don’t have to go away from any kind of activity to do it.  You can do the contractions while you’re commute to work, you can do this while sitting at lunch and you can do this while watching TV in the evening.  When you build enough strength after doing regular kegels for men, hold the contractions for a few seconds more.


Short Kegels

Kegels for men have different types.  When you go with short kegels that would mean you contract and relax your pubococcygeus muscle in just a second or two.  Contract and hold it for two seconds and release it abruptly then relax for two seconds.  When you’ve done about 10 sets, make sure you relax your muscle for another 10 seconds before continuing on to do another set.


Long Kegels

With long kegels, you can contract your pelvic muscle for ten seconds.  When you relax, make sure that you also relax with the same amount of time.  It’s natural to think that holding your pubococcygeus muscle for more than ten seconds can give more positive results but on the contrary, it can actually be detrimental.  Ten seconds tops are your goal for a set of long kegels.  Always remember to relax for the same amount of time.


The Benefits of Kegel Exercises

There are two main benefits if you exercise your pelvic muscle with kegels.

  • You keep your muscle strong enough that you would never have to deal with problems like urinary incontinence. And if you’ve got urinary incontinence, this is a great way to strengthen your urinary control.
  • You also attain stronger erections with kegels for men – this means increased pleasure on your sexual function for you and your partner.

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