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Penis Clamps

Life has so much to offer for you to live under the confines and limitations of urinary incontinence and when you’re suffering from this urinary condition, you have a number of solutions like penile clamps for men.  When you’re suffering from urinary incontinence, you can take care of it in a number of ways.  There’s surgery, medications, exercise regimens and less invasive methods of treatment.  These great choices let you live a normal life but penis clamps will help you cope with your problem on a day to day basis more conveniently.


How Penile Clamps for Men Work

The most basic design of penis clamps would be something round or circular that a man suffering from urinary incontinence can put around his penis.  When it holds the penis tightly, it shuts off the urethra - the tract where urine passes.  When the clamp is released, urine will flow freely out but not until the person is good and ready to void.  Even with urinary problems, the wearer will be able to control his bladder.  There will be no more problems of leaking urine or dribbling from happening.

The Two Most Popular Penis Clamps in the Market Today


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Regain Penis Clamp

Urinary control is what you get when you wear penile clamps for men from Regain.  The clamps from this manufacturer come in two sizes.  You just have to pick out the one that’s right for you.  You can do this by getting a flexible tape measure.  With your penis in a non-erect state, wrap the tape measure around it.  When you get 2.5 inches or 6 cm on the tape measure, you need a regular sized clamp.  For larger sizes like over 4 inches or 10 cm, the large penis clamp will do better.

The Parts of the Regain Penis Clamps

  • Upper arm.
  • Lower arm.
  • Hinge.
  • Elastic strap.
  • Control pad.

How to Use Regain

Slip your penis through the clamp.  Making sure that the upper arm is on the top of your penis; wind the elastic strap around the penile clamps for men to keep it in place.  The control pad on the inner side of the lower arm of the clamp is there to make sure that you have the right clamping pressure for your penis without cutting off blood flow.  If you’re going to pee, just loosen the strap and open the arms of the clamp.


Dribblestop Penis Clamp

You keep incontinence from getting into the way when you wear penile clamps for men from Dribblestop.  In contrast to Regain, this product comes in a rectangular shape.  The sides of the clamp have foam on them to give the wearer a more comfortable fit.  Even with the clamp closed, blood circulation isn’t hindered.  This clamp is made of plastic and foam so it’s durable and easy to clean.  From this manufacturer, you get two complete sets of clamps and links so that you can alternate use of the clamps to maintain the shape of the foam for optimum fit.

The Parts of the Dribblestop Penis Clamp

  1. Clamps
  2. Links
  3. Foam

How to Use Dribblestop

Unhinge the Dribblestop penis clamps for men.  When it’s open, it’s going to be easier for you to slip the clamp on and put it around your penis.  Make sure that the clamp goes around your penis and it’s in the right place.  To secure perfect fit, the clamp should start right before the head of your penis. When it’s in the right place, just close the clamp and you have something to keep urine from leaking.  When you’re ready to void, just unhinge the penile clamp.  With pressure released from the urethra, urine will easily flow out and will avoid you from peeing before you even reach the restroom and unzip your pants.  Affix the clamp again and you can go about your life the way you’re used to. It may be uncomfortable at the beginning but you’ll get use to it as days goes on.

Urinary incontinence is a condition that many people are embarrassed about.  Nobody would have to know that you’re suffering from this condition when you wear a penis clamp like Regain and Dribblestop.

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