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Prostate Surgery AND WHY

Having been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you’ve got a myriad of choices for treatment and one of the most effective treatments would be prostate surgery for men.  Even if it is the main method of treatment for prostate cancer, you have to make sure that you weigh all your options down with regard to prostate cancer treatment.

Treatment Methods for Prostate Cancer

  • Medical Treatment – Based on factors like age, medical condition and how fast the tumor is growing, you can go with medical treatment like watchful waiting.  Here, you would have to take a watchful stance to see if your condition gets worse.  On the other hand, there’s also radiation therapy where procedures like brachytherapy, external beam radiation therapy or simple radiation therapy can be beneficial.  There are also choices through medication, hormones and also new chemotherapy medicines.
  • Prostate Surgery for Men – Also known as radical prostatectomy, this is when the entire prostate is surgically removed.  This procedure can be performed in a number of ways like robotic surgery, open surgery or laparoscopic surgery.  As an alternative, a person suffering from prostate cancer can be treated through prostate transurethral resection.

Deciding on Treatment

As you can see, there’s a long list of treatment options for prostate surgery besides prostate surgery for men.  Before turning to surgery, you might like to take a look at the short term as well as the long term effects that various treatment methods have.  Ask a loved one to help you out while discussing the treatment options that you have with your healthcare provider and your urologist.

For the most part, you need to know everything about the prostate surgery treatments so that you can make an informed choice to get cured.  You have to know how effective these are and if there are side effects, you have to understand them.


Radical Prostatectomy

When prostate surgery for men like radical prostatectomy is the best treatment option you have for prostate cancer, your entire prostate would have to be removed.  This means that the tumors have only invaded your prostate and have not expanded to organs like lymph nodes or the capsule of the prostate.

Here, there are also a few things that are removed besides the prostate.

  • Seminal vesicles
  • Ampulla of the vas deferens

The bladder is reconnected to the membranous urethra to allow urine to flow.


The Complications with Radical Prostatectomy

There are two main complications that can happen with radical prostatectomy.

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Trans-urethral Resection of Prostate or the TURP

Another kind of prostate surgery for men is trans-urethral resection of prostate.  Here, only part of the prostate will be removed.  This is done with the use of an instrument place in the urethra.  At the end of the instrument is a small loop of wire where an electric current passes through.  It’s that current that cuts away the piece of the prostate.


Management after Prostate Surgery

Having undergone surgical treatment for your prostate cancer, there are a number of changes that will happen in your life.  That’s why it’s imperative that you know about the ins and outs of a treatment option before your proceed.  Going with TURP as prostate surgery for men for example, you won’t expect complications to kick in with this procedure.  But even then, you have to be careful with what you eat and what you do to make sure that you don’t get the cancer back. This means that you shouldn’t be complacent even when TURP is done.

As for radical prostatectomy, you’ve seen the two main complications like incontinence and impotence.  When there’s very little you can do with impotence, you can help the incontinence.  You can also look at your options with managing this condition.  Wearing a penis clamp for example will help you keep urine in until it’s time to void and keeping it from dribbling.  You would also have to take note of things that you shouldn’t do like strenuous activities so that you wouldn’t compromise your recovery.

You can't drive or even operate heavy machinery after the procedure.  You can't lift heavy objects.  You have to try your best not to strain your bowel movement and you also have to eat right and drink enough water after prostate surgery for men.

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