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Regain Penis Clamps AND IT'S FUNCTION

Urinary control is something you can't afford to lose at any point in your life but just in case you’re suffering from urinary incontinence, you don’t have to throw in the towel because you’ve got products like Regain penis clamp to help you.  With dribbling urine and having a great fear that you’ll embarrass yourself with this problem, there’s a great temptation to shut the world out and stay indoors.  But with the right device, you can live your life just like you’re accustomed to living it and no one would even know that you’ve got urinary incontinence or you’re wearing a

regain penis clamp.


Living Your Life to the Fullest with Regain

Dribbling urine or involuntarily voiding would never have to be a problem when you use Regain.  With a very small device, you can keep your urges in check where you void only when you’ve collected enough amounts of urine in your bladder. 

The Design:

  1. Hinge
  2. Upper arm
  3. Lower arm
  4. Elastic strap
  5. Control pad

The Way Regain Works

Just slip the penis clamp around your penis.  The upper arm would be the part with the elastic strap and the lower arm would be the part with the control pad.  Wrapping the elastic strap around you’re penis, you have a way of keeping the clamp in place.  As for the control pad, it facilitates the pressure you need for your urethra to keep urine from leaking out.

The Regain penis clamp is just the right size for you.  It’s not too bulky that it makes your urinary incontinence obvious and it’s not too small that it’s uncomfortable or even difficult to use.  When you need to void, unwrap the elastic strap, unhinge the clamp and you’re ready.

What you get from Regain Incontinence Clamp

It’s a given that you regain control over your bladder when you make use of the clamp.  The other benefits might elude you.  These are:

  • Discreetness
  • Effectiveness


male clamps

Do not use the Regain if you have a urinary catheter or implanted penile prosthesis.


In terms of discreetness, it was mentioned above that this clamp is just the right size.  It’s small and it follows the circumference of your penis.  It wouldn’t be bulky in anyway under your pants.  It’s quite comfortable and as you get used to it, you feel like there’s nothing wrapping around your penis.
As for effectiveness, you already have the power to live your life the way you want.  Your urinary incontinence isn’t getting the better of you because as far as you can see, you actually have control over your bladder.  You’re not dribbling urine and you’re not having any accidental leaks.  There’s also a big benefit when you wear the Regain penis clamp regularly.  You can finally say goodbye to urge incontinence, stress incontinence, overflow incontinence and so on.


Regain Helping You

With the problems in your urinary system, be it your bladder or your urethra, Regain penis clamp helps you in myriad of ways.  If your urethra doesn’t hold any urine or can’t collect your urine properly, you can make sure you don’t leak when you’re not ready to pee.  Wearing the penile clamp will retrain yourself from doing voiding correctly.  The best way to bring back your old voiding habit is to pass urine by taking the penis clamp out every two hours. The reason behind this is that the bladder can hold the urine for two hours without any hitches. So retraining your bowel to pee every two hours is just like telling your bladder to pass off urine the normal way.

Urinary incontinence is a very uncomfortable and embarrassing condition.  You don’t have to live your life under its shadow.  You can go on with your life as if you don’t have urinary incontinence when you make use of devices like the Regain penile clamp.  You keep yourself from dribbling urine and you also void at the right moments.  It’s only when you need to relieve yourself that you urinate and that’s what it actually means to have urinary control.  If you’ve lost urinary control to incontinence like overflow incontinence, stress incontinence or urge incontinence, you can get it back with the right devices, devices like Regain penis clamp.

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